A Funeral for a Fellow Scout – Caleb Holman

The Boy Scouts who served on the Honor Guard and those that served as Honorary Pall-bearers were simply remarkable.  With no previous experience and very little training they looked and acted very professional.  Each of these Scouts volunteered for this duty.  They wanted to find a way to honor their fellow scout.  Some knew him really well and were close friends, others barely knew him but wanted to honor him.  Scouting really is a brotherhood!  Those outside the brotherhood will never know the bonds of friendship that are developed as a Scout.  

One observer said to me, “The Scouts were more organized than many of the military funeral escorts that I have seen in the past.”   Literally dozens of people wanted me to pass on to the scouts how proud it made them to see these Scouts in action.  Scouting gained many friends during this time.  I too want to  say “THANK YOU” to Troop 593 and the way they organized and participated in Caleb’s funeral.  Also Thanks to all the other Troops that sent representatives to participate.  May God receive the glory for all that each of you did. 


About raycrouchsr

I am a Christian, Father, Grandfather, Adult Scout Leader and politically conservative. I love God, my Family, Boy Scouts of America, and my country. I love people and want to be of service to them. I serve as a Boy Scout Chaplain.
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